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The Meaning Behind A Peony Tattoo

There are a thousand different variations of a peony tattoo, tattooed in different ways and with different – yet equally powerful – meanings behind them.

The sentimental value of a peony depends entirely on your culture and style. Peonies are flowering plants native to both Asia, Europe, and Western North America, which leaves so much room for cultural interpretation. And bearing in mind that there are at least 33 known species of peony worldwide, the flower is as unique as the tattoos inked in its honour.

As beautiful as they are delicate and distinctive, you can learn more about the meanings behind a peony tattoo, here.

What Does a Peony Tattoo Symbolise?

The meaning of a peony tattoo changes depending on the colour of the peony, and whether the given peony imagery has been tattooed in combination with something else.

For example, a dragon and a peony tattoo together can indicate brute strength and courageousness. But there are some common meanings of a peony tattoo, such as:

  • Bashfulness
  • Bravery
  • Nobility
  • Good Fortune
  • Prosperity and wealth
  • Love and passion

The Colours of the Peony

Peonies come in pretty much every colour you can think of, and each colour symbolises a different meaning. For example, red peonies represent passion and love, sweet pink peonies represent good fortune in the future, and white peonies represent bashfulness or embarrassment. But when it comes to tattoos, the colours of the peony become even more diverse. Consider the black peony tattoo meaning, for example.

In Japanese culture, in which peonies are heavily featured, black is generally regarded as a symbol of mourning, but this isn’t all. Black peony tattoos can also represent a sense of enlightenment, respect, and formality. If you want to take your black peony tattoos a step further, we recommend incorporating the colour red, which enhances the meaning to include strong emotions, protection and prosperity.

You can tattoo black peonies upon your skin, or opt for tattoo style t-shirts that still convey the powerful message.

More peony colours to watch out for, and their special meanings, include:

  • Purple Peonies: A rich colour that has been associated with royalty across the ages, purple peonies still represent noble qualities today. This could relate to a sense of honour, or the elegant way you carry yourself. In other cultures, purple peonies represent ambition, luxury, and power.
  • Coral Peonies: Coral-coloured peonies are soft and delicate, which is why they are associated with success, strong relationships, happiness, and abundance. So, when you are looking to tattoo a beautiful flower that inspires positivity in your life, coral might well be the colour you choose.
  • Yellow Peonies: The meaning of a yellow peony tattoo can encompass happiness, warmth, friendship and new beginnings – which is why you often see yellow peonies everywhere at springtime! Yellow is often associated with the sun, meaning that yellow peony tattoos also bring positivity energy and good luck.

Peony Tattoo Styles

There are endless peony tattoo styles for you to choose from, as colourful and diverse a selection as peonies themselves. Some of the most popular styles, favoured by tattooists worldwide, include:

  • Watercolour Peonies – A style that mimics the loose, brushstroke qualities of watercolour paintings. There are no defined lines between colours, which are often vibrant.
  • Neo-Traditional – A traditional tattoo using contemporary techniques, a neo-traditional peony will have thick outlines and bold colours. This is a showstopping interpretation of the flower.
  • Japanese Style – Peonies are rooted in traditional Japanese tattooing practices, including bold outlines and bright colours. However, they may also be combined with different designs, like a koi fish or dragon.
  • Realism – Realism is exactly how it sounds. These peony tattoos will resemble photographs, with ultra-fine details and shading.
  • Minimalist – Minimalist peony tattoos break the flower into basic components of simple, clean lines. There will be fewer details, so your attention won’t be distracted from the flower.

The Meaning Behind a Peony Tattoo for Men

Although flowers are often perceived to be a somewhat feminine choice of tattoo imagery, peony tattoos have plenty of meaning for men, too. Having said that, the meaning behind a peony tattoo for men does change depending on such factors as personal preferences and cultural influences.

For gentlemen interested who are in getting inked with a peony tattoo, it could represent:

  • Strength
  • Masculinity
  • Prosperity
  • Courage
  • Honour
  • Balance and harmony
  • Personal transformation
  • Cultural heritage

Show your love for peonies in your tattoos, and your style

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